Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Couple builds tiny movable home using recycled materials

England-based young couple Christian Montez (29) and Kyra Powell (28), while struggling to get on the property ladder, decided to take matter in their own hands and built themselves a cozy tiny cabin located on the outskirts of Hereford.

Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, the two-story property constructed on the outskirts of Hereford was completed in just nine weeks. Started as a DIY project, the compact cabin boasts double bedroom, lounge, kitchen and an office. This moveable house measures 2.6m x 5m x 3.8m and costed only £1,000 (approx. $1,528) to construct.

Tired of paying rent every month, the young couple decided to use their educational qualification for a purpose. Montez who holds master degree in architecture, while his girlfriend Powell studies at National School of Furniture, made the house from recycled, scavenged and found material.

The walls and floor of the house are made from recycled wooden panels and scavenged scrap yards while the porthole window is made from old washing machine door. The couple raised money for the tiny house through skill exchange and working for material. The material used for insulated panels inside the house costs around £600 (approx. $917), while doors are from Montez nana’s house.

Currently placed at Powell’s parents’ 60 acre farm, the couple is planning to live in the house to save to deposit for their first home. Featured on Channel 4 program, the couple is positive to share their idea and skills with the like-minded young couples who want to get on the property ladder.

Supporting the Tiny Home Movement, the couple strongly believes that the tiny house will surely help many who are looking to live a mortgage and rent free life.

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Double bed on top is a clever use of extra space

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Made from recycles, scavenged and reclaimed materials, the house costs £1,000

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Use of vibrant color adds aesthetics and create a cozy feel

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Sliding door with large window allows ample of light inside

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

The tiny cabin is resting on Kyra Powell’s parents 60 acre farmland

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