1960s double-decker bus into a luxury B&B hotel

A couple turns 1960s double-decker bus into a luxury B&B hotel

County Durham-based couple (Susan Moiser, 53, and her husband Philip Moiser, 54,) has recently converted a 1960s double-decker bus into B&B hotel. They bought the vintage Routemaster bus for less than £5000 (approx. $9,000), and spent nearly £100,000 (approx. US $175,000) on renovating it into a stylish suite, complete with private garden and outdoor hot tub.

They commissioned a local interior designer to work on the project. The vintage bus named Trafalgar Square has still some of its original features like seats, steering wheel and signs. Although, its exterior looks like an ordinary bus, but the living space is a reddish haven. 

The top deck is renovated into a luxury bedroom, clad in red velvet along with matching couches and cushions. There is also a small cooking section and a dining area to prepare your own meals, and enjoy your food while looking at the outside views.

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On the other hand, the bottom deck boasts a smart bathroom that’s spruced up in a sleek gray interior, along with free-standing bath and flat screen TV. The guests will be greeted with canapes, and prosecco, and also provided with a fluffy dressing gown for the most relaxing stay.

The double-decker bus converted into B&B hotel is stationed at South Causey Inn, County Durham. The cost to stay there is currently £220 (approx. US $386) per night through the week, and £250 (approx. US $439) a night on Friday and Saturday.

1960 double-decker bus into B&B hotel

Luxury bedroom clad in red velvet

1960 double-decker bus into B&B hotel

Small dining area

1960s double-decker bus into a luxury B&B hotel

Free-standing bath and flat screen TV in the bathroom

1960 double-decker bus into B&B hotel

Smart bathroom in the bottom deck

1960s double-decker bus into a luxury B&B hotel

South Causey Inn bus hotel

Via: DailyMail / Images Courtesy: NorthNews&Pictures

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