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Cove Smart Water Filter

Cove smart water filter sends you reminders to drink water

If you fail to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, then bring home the Cove smart water filter that keeps track of your body’s hydration level. This is because the filter comes with built-in multiple sensors that are connected to its smartphone app. Due to mobile app connectivity, the filter is able to sync with your smartphone and send you reminders at regular intervals to consume water. This way it helps to maintain regular hydration level of your body.

Besides that, the smartphone app also keeps you updated about when you need to change water and replace filtration system of the filter. It features advance purification system to provide you purest drinking water. On filling its pail, water passes through the first-stage i.e. filter equipped with silver impregnated carbon, activated alumina, ion exchange and mineral stones. After passing through all these filtration layers, most impurities get removed before water passes onto the glass tank. Further water passes through second-stage to remove micro residual impurities.

There is a touch-sensitive strip to dispense water- faster the swipe, faster the water will pour into your glass. It is definitely a smart take on keeping your body hydrated, but it definitely cannot help you when you’re not at home or office. However, it has successfully surpassed the initial target of about $50,000 on Kickstarter; you can preorder it for $249. But the question arises- do you really need such expensive water filter at your place?

Cove Smart Water Filter

it comes with built-in multiple sensors to send you notifications for drinking water

Cove Smart Water Filter

Due to mobile app connectivity, the filter is able to sync with your smartphone

Cove Smart Water Filter

There is a touch-sensitive strip to dispense water

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