Backyard pool by Micky Thornton Covington

Covington Resident Builds Massive Party Pool in His Backyard

Pool parties are a good way to enjoy your weekend with friends and family. But what do you do when your friend list is too long and your pool is not big enough to accommodate them all? Well, you build such a big pool in your backyard that everyone can have a ball. That is what Covington resident, Micky Thornton did to turn his home into the coolest place to hang out during weekends.

Micky had this craving ever since he was a child as he wanted to have a pool big enough in his backyard to swim freely without feeling like being in a small space. That wish he fulfilled as an adult with help from his family and friends.

He didn’t want the usual backyard pools, so came into existence this 320-yard pond-sized (90-by-70 foot) waterpark (can be said so) with a capacity for 317,000-gallon water.

The pool comes with solar lights and dance floor for that party feel which makes it an even more lucrative option. Even better, the huge pool turns into an ice skating rink during winter time as the water freezes.

Good news is that the lucrative backyard pool is not limited just to the Thornton family as visitors can enjoy in it for a reasonable amount. You can have parties, weddings and any other occasion celebrated at this cool place by making reservations at the Facebook page.

Via: PraireFarmReport/PalmBeachPost

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