Cozy Cat Shelf Chill Adds to Your Home Décor

Having a feline lends a daily dose of cute, funny and cherished moments because the whole idea about having a pet is unattended fun and companionship. As cats are known to be tree-climbing mammals they love to jump, climb and dwell on high platforms because it’s their instinct. Innovative cat furniture is the trend these days, and wall-mounted cat shelves/wall mounted cat perches are the best things you can buy for your furry friend. Keeping this in mind, Magdalena Zajdel from Warsaw, Poland has come-up with the wall-mounted cat shelf chill which will make your cat feel at home.

Cats sleep a lot, so they’ll appreciate it if you gift them this oval wall-mounted cat bed to sleep on. Your cat will love to look at the world from a high place and enjoy the softness of the pillow placed on the shelf. Another essential benefit is temperature because heat rises, making a chill shelf a cozy place especially in winters.

These pet bed shelves are available in different types of wood options like walnut, maple, and wenge which are found in central and West Africa known for their hard dark wood. One can choose from a range of neutral cushion covers to put on top of this shelf chill.

Since these shelves are mountable they come with two universal bolts and a keyhole type brackets which makes the job of attaching the shelf with the wall easy. Just make sure that you place the shelf near the household furniture so that the cat can climb up or jump on them.

Cats’ shelf chill will not only be admired by your cat but will also be a unique decorative piece of furniture for your interior décor. Simultaneously you can make productive use of the vertical space in your house with this modern pet furniture.

It has dimensions: 16” x 20” (width & length) and the optimal mattress thickness that you put on top is 1.2”. The shelf chill can hold a maximum weight of 13 kgs, so make sure that your kitty is not overweight.

If you are interested in buying this pet furniture for your cat then jump straight over to Magdalena’s Etsy shop CozyAndDozy to buy it for a price tag of €96.91 (~ $109.28). If you have more than two cats you can go for the wave shelf chill de Luxe which is bigger than the original version, and it is priced at €136.31 (~ $152.11).

Cat Shelf Chill furniture

Your cat is going to love this relaxing place

Wall-mounted cat shelf furniture

Wall-mounted cat shelf furniture

Keeps your kitty cozy and comfortable

Keeps your kitty cozy and comfortable

Your feline enjoying the view from top

Your feline enjoying the view from the top


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