Crazy Colin creates ‘Game Console Microwave’ DIY

Crazy Colin builds ‘Game Console Microwave’ to kill time while cooking

Colin Furze is a natural when it comes to DIY prowess and wit. Yes, his inventions are crazy as hell. But hey, the brit just oozes with talent. His turkey cooking machine is something that you might not have ever seen before, while his bed launcher is the epitome of self-torture (in a way). Now, Colin has created ‘Game Console Microwave’ which is a crazy solution for a small hassle. One of Colin’s fan requested him to make something that could solve the problem of killing time when cooking something in the microwave. So, Colin (as the man he is) came up with this cool invention.

Basically, he took a microwave, fitted a display screen on the door of the microwave and connected it to a gaming console input. Colin likes to call it the Play-O-Wave, and you can call it a microwave with a built-in game playing capabilities. Since arcade gaming is something no one can deny, he choose a retro gaming console setup with nostalgic games.

At first Colin fitted a display screen on the microwave door, but due to the vibrations, it malfunctioned a bit. So, he added an extra door in front of the original door, and the problem was solved.

Surprisingly, Colin choose to microwave onion topped with peanut butter for two minutes. Then he switched on the gaming console, and killed his time.

But we’ve got to say this. Colin, seriously, onion and peanut butter. Where do you crop these crazy ideas in your mind!

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