How to Create Flickering Incandescent Bulbs for Halloween

Create Flickering Light Effect with Incandescent Bulbs This Halloween

Everybody wants to decorate homes for Halloween with spookily cool lights and other creepy decorations. Some purchase them from market, but there are also innovative people who try and make things by themselves. Case in point is Youtuber, [Gadget Addict] who has shared a video demonstration on how to flicker incandescent bulbs using fluorescent starters.

In one video he demonstrated wiring of a fluorescent starter while other one shows how to utilize the DIY for making a lighted Halloween pumpkin decoration. He recommends placing it in any dark place accompanied with some horrifying music in order to fill home with Halloween spirit.

Instead of using a single starter, he used two starters to make sparkling random and illuminate all the bulbs in pairs. You can try making such a lighted Halloween decoration; however, he has mentioned that it is not clear how long this flickering incandescent bulb will go.

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Working with AC circuit and using fluorescent starters to create a flickering lighting effect is a good idea but is risky and requires professional skills.

Via: Hackaday

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