Create mosaic styled LEGO Lamp for geeky yet elegant decor in your room  

Mosaic LEGO Lamp by Baron von Brunk

Recently we came across the LEGO Chair that was made beautifully  with LEGO bricks by professional LEGO builders to represent the Davison Highley’s armchair. Today we have yet another LEGO piece, a functional lamp that enlightens your room and also adds a geeky decor to it. Baron von Brunk, who is  classic Nintendo video games fanatic, has created this gorgeous and classy LEGO Lamp that looks uber cool for any home setting.

Baron has fused his passion for classic video games with his fascination of making LEGO models to create his illuminating LEGO Lamps. He made use of transparent LEGO hinged bricks and incorporated them to form a mosaic-styled lamp that glows beautifully. Though he isn’t a professional LEGO builder, his fantastic work of art is no less than a professional. Earlier he designed LEGO lamps taking inspiration from Super Mario and now, to show his passion for the Legend of Zelda, he has this time formed a triangular structure for the Spiritual Stone lamp that includes a transparent mosaic of each stone.  It is further topped off with a triangular roof featuring the Triforce symbol and the center made from a Studs Not On Top (SNOT) pattern.

For the illuminating part he made use of a sophisticated AC circuitry with an energy efficient LED bulb. When the Lego Lamp is switched on, a magical environment is created in the room. If you too are impressed with this design and want to create one for yourself, then read the Instructables page and design a similar amazing piece for yourself.

Via: Nerdist

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  1. Vyvyan Basterd

    June 26, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Completely brilliant!


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