Repurposed Piano

Creative ways to repurpose old piano into something new and exciting

Recycling or repurposing is a hip way of transforming old and  space-consuming pianos into a perfect home accessory. A piano is one of those luxury accessories that shows an orthodox side of your lifestyle and house. It immediately becomes a worthless, space eating object as soon as just one key goes out of the place. Thanks to DIYers, who turn even a broken or old piano into a useful item to accessorise your interior and exterior.

Repurposing an old piano is a creative way of giving new identity to an old piano and breathing new life into a stoned body. So, transmuting the bulky musical instrument into bookshelves, fountain or working bench is always a great option. What all it requires is a little creativity and vision. Here are some of the great DIY ideas to turn a dust-catching piano into an object of significance.

Piano coffee table

Designer Christopher Ohms smartly crafted a coffee table from reclaimed components of Knabe Piano. The table comprises of a tempered glass top, cast-iron frame and wooden pegboard.

Piano Coffee Table Piano Coffee Table

Piano wine bar

S. Ounsworth upright piano is beautifully turned into an appealing centerpiece that welcomes guest with party ingredients like cigars, glasses and other utensils. The piano bar has a removable rack that can hold up to 12 bottles of wine.

Piano Wine Bar Piano Wine Bar

Piano bookshelf

Seven-foot grand piano made by Bechstein in 1896 is beautifully turned into a bookcase that highlights the features of piano but stores books and other decor items in its belly. The minimally designed piano bookshelf is repurposed to add functionality to optimally utilize the space.

Piano Bookshelf Piano Bookshelf

Piano bed

If your kids love and live music, then this is a perfect DIY option for their room. Old 1905 piano can be converted into a headboard with storage space to keep private stuff inside while the keyboard area can be converted into study desk.

Piano Bed Piano Bed

Piano aquarium

Another decorative way of repurposing an old piano is by turning it into an aquarium. Just remove all the interiors of the piano including frames, strings, and fit aquarium into it. The keyboard will add aesthetics while maintaining the original look of the piano.

Piano Aquarium

Piano table

Old piano found on craigslist is very smartly recycled into a perfect dining table. Piano beyond affordable repair is refurbished into a dining table by using central soundboard as the base for making a new table.

Piano Table Piano Table

Piano computer desk

DIYer David Scothern converted a piano that he purchased from eBay into a computer case. He bought it to practice but end up restoring the out-of-tune vintage instrument into a concealable workstation. This project not only puts the abandoned piano to best use but also saves space to keep your electronic gadgets at one bay.

Piano computer desk

Piano water fountain

Bill Metzgar gave new life to termite eaten 1885 Steinway piano by converting it into a beautiful outdoor water fountain. The fountain that pumps out 2000 gallon per hour into the pond is a sweet dedication to his mother on Mother’s Day. Work done by Metzgar really give new life to the rotten and dyeing piano.

Piano Fountain

Piano garage tool box

If you are looking to create your own attractive and functional workspace for home and workspace, then recycling our old piano into a workbench is the perfect option. With its keyboard and strings being removed from their respective places, the aged piano was fitted with an easy-to-install fluorescent light and piece of pegboard to make it a useful and cost-effective workspace.

Piano Workbench Piano Workbench

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