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Smart Home Startup- Leeo

Creators of Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to launch ‘Smart Home’ Startup

There is good news for smart home savvy homeowners as two big giants behind Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to jump into smart home market. They raised over $37 million from investors for their latest startup- Leeo, which is keeping their ideas close to chest as of now, but is rumored to bring smart home appliances to the consumers in less disruptive way.

Leeo also mentioned in an interview with Forbes that it believes in working for both consumer and telecommunication and utilities companies to roll out a complete smart home product. However, not just another smart device like every other company promises. But they are planning to utilize their hi-end infrastructure to create something different from other home automation developers, such as Nest or Apple’s HomeKit.

By that, we are assuming that the firm may come up with some advance home automation product to control multiple home automation devices. Other than that, it could also be a smart home security system to protect your home without any traditional setups.

To increase the hype, the firm has added a recent blog entry on their website saying that they will launch their first product by the fall of this year. Now, we would like to put a halt on our guesses and with all our hopes high, look forward to see what the company has to offer us in the coming months.

Via: Forbes

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