Creepy Make-Out Practice Pillow Prepares You for the First Passionate Kiss

As teenagers back in school, friends joked about making out with pillows to practice kissing before a date. Taking the gag quite seriously, 26-year-old Florida-based designer Emily King has created the Make-Out Practice Pillow as the solution for all inexperienced kissers out there. The Make-Out Practice Pillow is built-in with a mouth and plastic nose. When you kiss the pillow, you feel as if you’re kissing a real person.

Since there is a rise in the popularity of genius cuddle pillows, it’s a good time for Make-Out Practice Pillow to hit the market for young lovers. Valentine’s Day is over, but you’ll still get a lot of chances when your practice with the pillow will keep you in good stride for the real deal.

This pillow with a protruding mouth is inspired by CPR dummies and uses rubber mouth to simulate the real feel of a person’s lips.

The super creepy Make-Out Practice Pillow will cost you $31 each.

Kissing Pillow

Kissing Pillow

Kissing Pillow

Via: Instructables/OddityCentral

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