Cristina Celestino Designs Sustainable Version of Pianca’s Calatea Armchair

Cristina Celestino’s Sustainable Version of Calatea Armchair is Immensely “Green”

The Calatea armchair designed by Milan-based architect and designer Cristina Celestino for Italian company Pianca back in 2017 is getting a distinctive makeover this year. Cristina has re-designed a new version of the Calatea armchair according to the circular economy rules, using new materials and unique aesthetics.

Dubbed Calatea Green, it is a sustainable chair that takes inspiration from both botany and ergonomics. It pays homage to the planet and evokes Pianca’s environment-friendly design approach.

Cristina explained “every element of the Calatea Green speaks the language of nature and sustainability and is the bearer of a message that Pianca wants to share with its clients and the design world as part of its longstanding commitment to responsible work processes.”

Celestino’s homage to nature and sustainability is displayed on a new decorative concept for the backrest fabric. It pays tribute to her home region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and the alder tree, with leaves having a distinctive, even-veined texture. The pattern is also inspired by the rhythmic brush strokes and style of artist Carla Accardi. The decorative motif is hand-painted on fabric by Alberto Fiocco, making it a combination of art, craftsmanship, and design.

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Every element of Calatea Green is reconsidered to reduce the environmental impact. Like, the padding is polyester eco-fiber derived from recycled PET plastic mineral water bottles while the shell is made of plywood and the legs are FSC-certified ash, sourced from certified forests. Lastly, the upholstery fabric is made using cotton yarn from 100-percent recycled material and is hand-decorated using water-based colors with no toxic substances.

The Calatea Green was presented in Turin during the inauguration of Green Pea, the world’s first Green Retail Park.

Cristina Celestino Designs Sustainable Version of Pianca’s Calatea Armchair

Image: Cristina Celestino

Cristina Celestino Designs Sustainable Version of Pianca’s Calatea Armchair

Image: Cristina Celestino

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