Cubecoid is world’s first nano-suction toothbrush holder

Canada-based Pardeep Singh Kainth has re-imagined traditional toothbrush holder and created Cubecoid with nano-suction technology. The nano suction strip on its back allows attaching it to any non-porous flat surface like mirror, dry wall or tiles. It is hygienic and easy-to-use compared to traditional toothbrush holder as it has a defined space to hold toothbrush or shaving razor at a time.

Accumulated water at the bottom of traditional toothbrush holder is perfect playground for growth of bacteria which result in oral infections or other gum diseases. Cubecoid is the solution to this problem as it holds the brushes upright and provides better ventilation for keeping your toothbrush fresh and bacteria-free.

The toothbrush holder is useful when you are on a vacation or travelling to some distant place. You have to keep your brush or razor on counter top during your stay at a hotel; which increases possibilities of attracting oral diseases. So carrying this small holder with you is a good choice.

Cubecoid easily sticks to flat surfaces like mirror or dry wall in your shower and holds your brush upright. And you don’t have to worry about residues or marks of adhesive. Moreover, a small and easy-to-clean dint on its bottom collects water dripping from your toothbrush or razor. Its nano-suction strip can be cleaned with water or tape.

Traditional toothbrush holders can cause serious infections by cross-contamination of toothbrushes. Though, switching to the Cubecoid can prevent such problems.

The project is on Kickstarter, and has successfully achieved funding goal.

The nano-suction strip on back

The nano-suction strip on back

Perfect size to hold most toothbrushes or razor coming these days

Perfect size to hold most toothbrushes or razor coming these days

Stick to mirror in your shower

Sticks to mirror in your shower

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