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Cubrick Cabinet

Cubrick Cabinet swirls open to expose hidden storage sections

Seeking elegant cabinet that’s not only space-saving, but also adds playful touch to interior? You’re in luck, as designers Ian Spencer and Cairn Young, from London-based furniture design company Yard Sale Project, have created one such interactive piece of furniture for modern homes. When completely closed it appears like an ordinary vertical cabinet, but its rotating mechanism expose several hidden storage compartments.

The cabinet is made from wood and lined with Impala fabric in different color options, which you can choose as per your preferences. It also features tiny brass and copper handle, adding aesthetic detail to its minimal design. The cabinet is available in different configurations with 12, 16 0r 20 cubic sections.

These movable sections provide endless usage possibilities from creating subtle cocktail cabinet to house your shoe collection. One could spend hours expanding various compartments of this interactive piece of furniture. But this wacky cabinet cost more than $7,300. Would you like to shell out such huge amount of money on a single cabinet?

Check out the video given below to watch the Cubrick Cabinet in action.

Via: Gizmodo

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