Leopard Milk Bread

Culinary art goes wild with Leopard Milk Bread

No matter how brave you are, you’d surely not dare to dine with a leopard. But, how about enjoying your breakfast in wildcat style? This is now possible- all thanks to this attractive Leopard Milk Bread. Thinking where would you get the leopard milk? Don’t stress, as the recipe doesn’t really require it. It is named so, just because of the beautiful leopard patterns on the bread loaf and these are quiet easy to create.

The delicious-looking patterned bread is made by French woman Patricia Nascimento from southern Portugal. She often cooks desserts, especially French pastries. This time she has made this leopard-patterned bread by simply blending two dough mixtures, which are flavored and colored with cocoa and vanilla.

Firstly, she prepared the cocoa dough and kept it in refrigerator. After that, she shaped this cocoa dough in form of long cylinders. Then, these cylindrical dough pieces are place inside another mixture of vanilla dough. Further, these are carefully arranged in shape of a bread loaf.

When the baked loaf is cut, viola- amazing leopard skin pattern appears on the bread slices. It would certainly add more flavor and tinge of wildness to your morning meal. However, for detailed recipe you may visit the website Pearls&CoffeeLetsTalk.

Leopard Milk Bread

Beautiful leopard patterns on the bread

Leopard Milk Bread

Cocoa and vanilla flavored dough are used to create this bread

Via: DesignYouTrust

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