Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Adam Pinkstone, a London-based designer and engineer, has designed amazing concept for custom-built treehouses which he listed at Behance. Dubbed as Cocoon, these suspended Cocoon treehouses looks so cute and functional that families can put them in gardens as a cozy entertainment area, while big enterprises can buy them for renting as holiday retreats. The customers can choose features to be included in their personal cocoons. There are options to select size, interior layout and material so that they get a product that perfectly matches their needs. The unique architecture of these nature-inspired structures will help people in reconnecting with nature.

Mainly three types of wooden treehouse designs are built by the designer. The large treehouse version comes in 8m x 2m dimensions and has enough space for sleeping, entertainment and toilet. Access to the treehouse varies according to location and individual requirements. There are many entrance options to choose from including stairs, suspension bridge, and ramp.

You can even ask the designer for incorporating a mechanism that raises and lowers the treehouse itself. In the large treehouse model, the upper wooden curtain can be opened to enjoy the moonlight while sitting inside. Moreover, the bed cover can be moved aside for revealing a built-in hammock.  

The smallest model of Cocoon (2m diameter) has a sleeping area in the top half and leaves the remaining half circle for storage. A staircase with treads made from rough saw logs provides access to the treehouse. There is also another treehouse version that can be built around a real tree using an aluminum frame.

In this modern age, these Cocoons by Adam are offering us a comfy way to immerse with nature. The treehouse concept seems interesting for individuals, families and big companies.   

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Smallest Cocoon version

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Largest treehouse offered by the designer

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Innovative features

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Wooden structure looks cozy

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Floor plan of the largest treehouse by the company

Custom-built suspended cocoon by Adam Pinkstone

Building treehouse around a real tree is really cool concept

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