Custom felted Cat Bed

Custom Felted Cat Bed Provides Cozy Place for Your Kitty to Sleep

This is that time of the year when the leaves are done falling and some regions are expecting snow and freezing cold temperature. It is the time when you want to snuggle up in front of the fireplace and feel the warmth of your kitty on your lap. Just as this winter climate can be hard on you, it can also be hard on your feline. So, if you are thinking to provide a warm shelter for your cat, grab one of the custom Felted Cat Bed.

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This handmade felted cat bed, vessel or cave is a perfect place for your kitty to hide or sleep comfortably. Lithuania-based Etsy seller Vaiva Nat handcrafted these beautiful felt cocoons for your kitty to keep it safe and cozy during winters. The designer has made use of 100% merino wool to create these gorgeous caves. These pieces are available in three different sizes ranging from small, medium to large.

Each piece comes with a removable, washable cotton mat. The designer is at your service to make a custom size Felt Cat Bed for your little kitty in a color that you desire. She can even add beads to decorate the cozy cat’s bed if you want. These felted vessels range in price from $57 to $77.

The Felted Cat Bed not only serves as a comfortable place for your cat to sleep or hide but will also look like a nice piece of art on your bookcase.

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