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Custom made Limited Edition WILD polyester rugs are amazingly colorful

Remember the interactive Daisy Garden Rug by Joe Jin Design Company? Yes, this Long pile polyester rug WILD isn’t interactive as the Daisy carpet, but is surely more colorful and attractive than any other carpet you’ve ever seen. Created by Limited Edition, the WILD line is made like an exhilarating pile of long and lush yarns. Customized to the need of the user, each rug is handmade in polyester fibers in any shape imaginable – round, rectangular, square just name the shape and LE will deliver in a choice of 37 attractive colors selected from the new LE Colorbox to choose from.

The wide range of colors, custom design and shape make the WILD polyester line of rugs especially suitable for all types of interiors and architectures. The WILD rug is available in standard 10cm width or can be made to order in 3-9cms. There is no word on the price of the Limited Edition WILD carpets but going by what we see, the rugs will be long-lasting, ensuring pleasure over a wide span of time.

Via: ArchiProducts

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