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Groot-shaped cake inspired by Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2 is pretty cute

Some people are inspired by books, some by movies and some like Zoe are inspired by movie trailers. A professional pastry chef based in Leeds, England, Zoe got inspired by the trailer of Guardian of Galaxy vol.2 and made a wonderful baby Groot-shaped cake for herself. Like many other fans of the movie, she also found baby Groot (sentient tree) character very cute and baked a cake just like the real one.

Zoe is a talented baker and decorates cakes for almost any occasion. She specializes in fondant figures\characters. Zoe runs one-to-one classes at her home and also post free videos on YouTube for people to learn from. Her tutorials basically includes flower pastel models and cake toppers.

The Groot-shaped cake is not her first creation. She has had made many wonderful gateau before. She has posted all the making videos on her YouTube channel. This Groot cake is just another beautiful flower from her cake garden. Zoe is a serious cake magician who puts life in her creativity bakes.  

To make the Groot cake she used the following ingredients

#225 g butter

#225 g caster sugar

#4 eggs

#225 g self-raising flour

#1 tsp vanilla essence

#Chocolate,green, black fondant rolls

#Food colors

#Edible golden and silver mettalic spray

How to make 

First, take a printout of the Groot image, so you can have a better idea to design and color it face perfectly.

Now, place the picture as a trace on the cake you have baked, cut its face shape with sharp knife leaving clean edges. Cover the cake with lots of chocolate icing and make two holes for eyes and put more chocolate icing on it so that it gets smooth and is covered in thick coat of chocolate.

When the base gets ready, cover it with layer of chocolate fondant. Gently press it with hands and carve lines over the cake to give it real tree trunk like look.

Now place two chest nut chocolate balls in place of eyes and garnish it with food colors and green fondant.

When the head is ready, put it on base plate and give the plate real galaxy background – draw stars and dust with edible metallic spray and paint colors.

Your cute little Groot cake is now ready, for more details and complete instruction on how to make this, visit Zoes Fancy Cakes YouTube channel. 

Carving the Groot face with gentle hands

Groot-shaped cake looks so real

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