Cybernetic Meadow series of products

Cybernetic Meadow Electronic Devices Take the ‘Natural’ Route

Technology has formed a very obvious part of our daily life; so much that we really don’t give second thoughts to devices like our USB phone chargers and flash drives. However, as functionally electronic objects, they too take up computational spaces, while also following intelligent communication patterns (like connecting to our computers and showing us multimedia files or charging our mobile phone).

Well, The Consortium for Slower Internet – a website dedicated to showing our evolved interaction and appreciation for such gizmos has unveiled their ‘Cybernetic Meadow’ series of products. The aim of the collection alludes to the user re-affirmed relation with daily used devices, which not only entails the function but also the environment.

In simpler terms, products like a cross between a planter and charging dock, or a hybrid between a USB drive and photo display fuels the ‘natural’ scope of things, where users could take their personal time to appreciate and reflect on their use of technology.

As we mentioned before, the Cybernetic Meadow collection comprises of various hybrid electronic products, including a charging dock/planter, a Wi-Fi router planter and a concrete flash drive with a display rack (for showcasing your photos). In fact, concrete forms a recurring theme among all of the designs, thus symbolizing the fusion of our modern environment with modern technology.

This nigh ‘bohemian’ pattern of the conceptions doesn’t sacrifice on the usability of the scope. For example, the charging dock/planter also integrates corks to keep the device safe from draining water.

Price: charging dock/planter – $75; concrete flash drive – $55; Wi-Fi router planter – $350. For ordering the products, please check out Slower Internet’s page.

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