Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit

Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit adds flickering accent to any space

Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces are just perfect to add some romantic flare to your home setting. But what if your tiny abode can’t accommodate a huge fireplace? Don’t worry. Even if you live in a limited space apartment, your desire to bring home a fireplace can be fulfilled all thanks to this tiny midnight black Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit.

It is an elegant fire pit with a patented stainless steel wick system and runs on biofuel. Unlike conventional fuel-powered fire pits, this stunning Cycloflame burner is designed to burn flames in somewhat controlled manner.

The flames coming out of the fire pit appears like a cyclone twirling right above its burner. Flames are enclosed by cage-like encasing along with a safety shelled glass tube, making it one of the most elegant tabletop fire pits. It can be used either for warming a specific area or just for aesthetically pleasing attributes.

So, it is the best option to instantly spruce up your living area during a cold evening, while setting the romantic flames free for creating cozy atmosphere. The eye-catching Cycloflame tabletop fire pit will become centerpiece of any indoor area, making you feel comfortable and more relaxed.

Buy: $109.99

Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit

Biofuel-powered fire pit for limited spaces

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