Dad makes incredible toast art for his daughter

Dad makes incredible toast art for his daughter with food allergies

The stunning toast sculptures by super-cool dad Adam Perry are getting some attention on social media. But the real reason behind his food art will surely melt your heart. Perry, who lives with his family in a small town outside London, has two daughters – ages 9 and 13. His youngest daughter has severe food allergies, so he doesn’t have much option to cook for breakfast.

The nine-year-old can only eat white bread with a sunflower oil spread every morning. Perry used to feel sorry for her that everyday she has to eat such boring breakfast. So, he started playing with toasts. Now, he creates incredible sculptures to get her excited about her breakfast again.

Both the girls feel happy when they come down to eat breakfast. We can imagine the excitement that both the girls go through every morning when their artistic breakfast is served to them.

Perry creates the incredible toast art out of two slices of bread and posts them to his Instagram account (@2slicesoftoast). He makes fun toast masterpieces such as beach hut, radio, sunglasses, volcano and may more.

Here’s some of this best work.


Beach hut





American flag

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Via: ABCNews

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