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Ring of Saturn Fireplace

Dangling elliptical hearth inspired by glistening rings of Saturn

Looking for a contemporary fireplace for your space? Well, you’d surely want to take a look at Italian fireplace manufacturer- Vanixa’s latest electric hearth entitled ‘Ring of Saturn.’ It is aptly named because of its elegant elliptical design that reminds us of glistening rings around the celestial body.

Ring of Saturn is a hanging electric fireplace made from aluminum and carbon fiber, creating a unique sound system that mimics crackling of wood embers. The hearth forms a sandwiched structure, where fire-bed lies in between two shiny rings, forming an elegant décor object for different home environments.

Its middle section includes few crystalline elements that look like burning lava rocks when lit up electrically. The fireplace is suspending from ceiling with aluminum cables and can be controlled via remote for maintaining heat within your room as per your comfort.

This is available in variety of finishes such as black, white, carbon fiber and also comes in exclusive gold plated version to add charismatic charm to interior of your abode. Ring of Saturn is a stunning blaze with stylish and brightly effective design ideal for any contemporary home setting.

Ring of Saturn Fireplace

Middle section of the fireplace includes crystalline elements that look like burning lava rocks

Ring of Saturn Fireplace

The fireplace is also available in exclusive gold plated version

Source: Vanixa

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