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Darth Vader Toaster

Darth Vader Toaster – The crisp side of Star Wars served for breakfast

Want you toasts to be a bit on the dark side? Then you’ve got to have a look at this toaster. Looking at this Darth Vader-shaped toaster is the best thing a Star Wars fan would love, and being served toasts with the logo is going to be even better. Themed on the Darth Vader helmet, this toaster looks good. Moreover it prepares crisp toasts every morning with Star Wars imprinted on each one of them.

This appliance is an officially licensed product which makes it a trusted electronics item to have in home. Just like any other modern day toaster, this one also has two-slice option. Just put the toasts in the housing and within a few seconds your Star Wars-themed toasts are ready for a crunchy bite.

The best thing about this toaster is its sharp look. Even if you not much of a Star Wars fan or swear by the super villain Darth Vader, this toaster will be more than appealing to you. Such are its intimidating looks, thanks to the perfectly amalgamated design of Darth Vader’s helmet and toaster design.

Thankfully, you can pre-order this toaster for £49.99, and your order will be delivered by October 2016. That is not a long time for the wait, and the price also looks within reach. So, just go for this awesome-looking toaster.

Darth Vader Helmet design

Darth Vader Helmet design

Star Wars toasts prepared in the Darth Vader toaster

Star Wars toasts prepared in the Darth Vader toaster

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