Daru cardboard lamp design by Alberto Vasquez encourages us to go green

Generally, we overlook the importance of proper lighting in our daily life, but as it may not seem, the right illumination plays a very important role in creating a right atmosphere inside a room. Moreover, due to lack of suitable light source, our eyes start feeling strain and repeated exercise can cause a serious harm to our eyes. Hence, to protect your eyes from unwanted damage, you need to get the right table lamp for yourself that suits your best. Choosing a right table lamp that fulfils all your requirements is hard, but a Hungarian industrial designer Alberto Vasquez tries to achieve this impossible goal by creating a lamp design that is adaptable to multiple scenarios.

Daru dekslamp by Vasquez is a beautiful lamp concept that sounds more practical and functional in all sense. The lamp design that takes cue from a blade of grass uses strong natural-colored cardboard having technological as well as ecological importance as the main material for his project.

LEDs located on the elbow of the lamp help lower the contrast resulting in reducing eyestrain as compared to regular desk lamps. Moreover, the double sided lighting eliminates the need of another source of light in your room while working. Hence, it acts as an energy saving lamp. The lamp comes fitted with LEDs that emit smooth white light.

As you have seen, the Daru desklamp fills various criteria – it’s is energy efficient, it can be used for multi purposes, and it is built from eco-friendly material. Hence, it’s a lamp design that we need to adapt in our daily life so as to eliminate our carbon footprint.

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