Dazzle Your Friends With This Christmas Tree Dessert

Christmas celebration is not complete until you have a Christmas Tree in the living room and the best looking, finger licking delicious cake on the table. If you want to get creative in the kitchen, you’ve got to check out this classic recipe of Christmas Tree red velvet cake. The tree-shaped dessert is a treat for the whole family.

These tree-shaped desserts with a waffle ice cream cone layer in between bound to add a super crunch to your Christmas Eve. All you need is a packet of red velvet cake mix (baked according to box directions), ice cream cones, cream cheese frosting bought from a store or simply homemade. For the tree-shaped dessert use green food coloring and decorative sprinkles.

Crumble the red velvet cake into small pieces by hand or with a help of a spoon, then gently stuff red velvet cake crumbling’s into the waffle ice cream cone. Take a bowl and mix frosting with food color. You can always increase or decrease the quantity of color according to your desired shade.

Using a hand blender, mix the entire mixture you have in your bowl and once completely mixed, use a piping bag with a star tip and start piping the icing around the outside of the cone. Don’t ice the bottom ½-inch area of the waffle, it will replicate the tree trunk. Last but most importantly, decorate your red velvet Christmas Tree cake with sprinkles, and you’re all set to serve it and get maximum accolades.  

If you’re not using market bought mix frosting, you can make it yourself in the comfort of your kitchen. All you need is two cups of powdered sugar, eight oz. softened cream cheese and ½ stick softened butter. 

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