dbell Live Video Doorbell keeps you connected with your home and visitors

We’ve seen so many smart home security systems before, but the dbell Live Video Doorbell is the smartest of them all. Although it offers almost same functionality like most of the home monitoring systems, but this internet-connected device always keeps you connected with your home and visitors. dbell HD Live has a 160-degree wide-angle HD camera with microphone and multiple sensors, which help you see who is at your door from anywhere in the world.

The device is incorporated with interchangeable faceplates, night vision, audio and motion sensors, and dual speakers. This means it is capable of recording footage non-stop and the recorded footage is stored in the cloud storage. The storage is included in the flat-fee for the dbell HD Live system, so you don’t have to worry about monthly subscription costs.

Since the device is always linked to the internet, the users also have constant access to the live stream through their smartphone, tablet, and computer via companion mobile app. All thanks to the companion app, the device is easy to set up with just a touch on your smartphone screen.

For those who are considering upgrading their current doorbell to a smart doorbell, they must consider this HD live video doorbell. Currently, the project is seeking funds on Indiegogo for target amount $10,000. The dbell Live Smart Doorbell is normally priced at $300, but on Indiegogo it is available for just $129 with a considerable discount on recommended retail price.


Incorporates high-end features


Smartest doorbell


Always keeps you connected with your home and visitors


dbell HD Live has a 160-degree wide angle HD camera

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