Decahedron Barbecue and Firepit

Decahedron Fire Pit Doubles as Grill for Barbecue Parties

There is hardly anything better than spending time outdoors with family and friends on a cold evening, around a warm fire pit. To make that experience even better UK-based Company Digby Scott Designs has created the unique Decahedron Fire Pit that doubles up as a grill for enjoying barbeque outdoors. The fire pit consists of 10 geometrically arranged steel pentagons forming a semi-spherical design, which is built using CAD (computer-aided design) for a striking appearance.

The whole structure is made of steel that is intended to rust eventually because of oxidation to change its color into rustic brown for a more appealing look. Its dimensions are 24-inches in diameter and stand 30-inches tall with an overall weight of about 23 kg. Overall it is a perfect outdoor object for celebrations with family.

You can use the fire pit at your backyard or lawn to keep you warm in a chilled evening while chit-chatting with your family members. It also comes with a removable grilling grate that can be placed over the fire pit when you want to cook your meal while having a great time with your loved ones.

Although it doesn’t offer a large space for grilling food for house parties, it’s enough for having a good time with family or a few guests. You can purchase this fire pit to celebrate special evenings in style with summery grilled barbecue as well as the warmth of fire under an open sky.

Decahedron Barbecue and Firepit

Removable grilling grate

Decahedron Barbecue and Firepit

Decahedron Fire Pit without rust

Decahedron Barbecue and Firepit

The rustic appearance of the Fire Pit

Credit: Uncrate

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