Decorate Your Home with These Unique Atlas Book Lamps

Artist-designer Michael Bom, from Netherlands, has re-crafted old atlas books into beautiful lamps. Bom has been sculpting these kinds of lamps since 2004 from his studio in Rotterdam. He hopes to inspire people through his designs, which he makes from used and discarded materials. These beautiful Atlas Book Lamps are environmentally-friendly and consume less energy. The material for these creative lighting solutions comes directly from second-hand shops and out of a skip on the street. These designer atlas lamps are made from an atlas, expect the lighting bulb. The bulb is energy efficient and complement’s Bom’s love for sustainability. These handmade lamps are unique and unlike any other traditional lamps.

Bom’s unique approach toward waste material and make something worthy, is indeed a real inspiration for the world. His designs were nominated in 2009 for the European Environmental Award in Madrid, Spain.
The Atlas Book Lamps are being used by many hotels and restaurants in Barcelona, Madrid, Germany, and Spain. No doubt the simple yet beautiful design of these handmade lamps grabs the attention of every passerby.

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Home décor recycled products have become the new trend for home decor solutions. People flaunt them as their new cool status symbol and love to decorate their home, restaurants, and office with similar kind of DIY lighting creations.

To buy these Atlas Book Lamps you can order them from Etsy or if you are creative enough, make one yourself.

Atlas lamps in restaurants

Beautifully recycled atlas book into a cool lamp

Upclycled lamp made from a Dutch Bos Atlas by Michael Bom

Upclycled lamps in a storefront display on the Coolsingel rotterdam made from a Dutch Bos Atlas.

Upcycled book sculpture in bookshop Van Gennep in Rotterdam

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