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Pixellated carpet for Brintons

Deep Grid pixelated rug by Cristian Zuzunaga for Brintons

Pixellated carpet for Brintons

Rugs are a very integral part of home décor. Home interiors seem incomplete without carpets and rugs. To add a new dimension to our home décor, maintaining the importance of rugs, designer Cristian Zuzunaga has created the Deep Grid, a pixelated rug. Created in collaboration with Britain’s famous carpet manufacturer Brintons, the pixelated rug was recently awarded with the Best Pixellation award at the Wallpaper Design Awards, 2014.

Drawing inspiration from the modern significance of antique fabrics by Brintons, the pixelated rug designed by Zuzunaga has square, pixel-based bright colored palettes in contrasting colors. Based on Brintons textile archives (famous of luxury woolen carpets), the pixelated rug is so reminiscent of weaved and dyed wool carpets of yesteryears. The digitalized rug design allows for engagement with squares and colors to reproduce and create new patterns and shapes from tiny abstract pixels.

Via: DailyTonic

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