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Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Designer Branch Chair can be Used to Hang Clothes

Belarus based design studio Fajno Design, has created ‘Branch Chair’ with the intent to satisfy both elements of functional and decorative design. The unique feature of this chair design is its sprouted small random branches made of pine on its back.

Apart from giving you a comfortable seating place, its hooks can be used as hangers, where you can hang your clothes, bags and other accessories. Since your usual chair might not accommodate things is such an organized manner, it is a viable solution for hanging clothes.

The chair is fit for your countryside dwellings, as well as modern city apartment. If the seat upholstery is removed and a lamp is placed on it, the room turns into a twilight forest with twisted shadows as soon as you turn light, rendering the illusion of a true forest.

Since the Branch Chair does not have any frills in its design, it’s handy to be cleaned as compared to any other chair that has numerous frills.

Fajno Design, is a team of young enthusiastic designer and businesspersons, with many new creative ideas which they are striving to materialize. At the very first glance, the Branch-chair might look a bit weird, but once you get used to it you won’t regret your decision of making it a part of your living room.

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Hang your clothes, bags and other accessories

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Inspired by nature’s design

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Sprouted branches made of pine on its back

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Hooks can be used as hangers

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Reminds us of Reindeer antlers

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

At first glance the chair might look weird

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

Branch-chair by Fajno Design

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