LED chandelier by Kulyev

Designer contrives an LED chandelier inside a bulb outline

LED chandelier by Kulyev

We have harped about how contemporary lighting mechanisms have evolved in their designs to emerge as functional as well as aesthetic decor items. The bulb shaped chandelier by Russian designer Kulyev is an apt example of such innovative visuals fused with usability. As can be seen from the above image, the recess of the LED chandelier ingeniously mimics the outline of a conventional incandescent light bulb. This outline is indented along the ceiling surface, thus accentuating upon the unique decor credentials of the room.

However, beyond just novel visuals, the bulb replicating indentation is arranged in such a way so as to match the practical set-up of the LED mechanism. For example, the filament of the bulb actually leads to the LED lighting strip, while the cap of the bulb serves as the electrical connection between the light and the outlet. This overall bearing does allude to some degree of practicality, as the positioning of the LED helps in illuminating the whole room, while also exhibiting a unique visual treatment.

LED chandelier by Kulyev

Via: Behance

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