Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhalé

Designer Satyendra Pakhalé designs portable Kangeri Nomadic Radiator

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhalé

Though it looks like a decorative sculpture for your living room, Kangeri Nomadic Radiator is a portable electric radiator. Designed by Amsterdam-based Industrial designer Satyendra Pakhalé (India born), the mobile radiator is created for Italian manufacturer of designer radiators Tubes Radiatori. Born out of curiosity of the designer to create a contemporary object for warming up the space closely surrounding the user, the innovative Kangeri Nomadic Radiator will keep you warm during the winter season and the energy saving technology will also provide you respite from huge electricity bills.

The main body of the Kangeri Nomadic is crafted from aluminum and provided with glossy black or white finish while the internal core is made out of recycled aluminum. The top platform and the integral handle are finely crafted with oak wood. The innovative and user-friendly design of the heater allows one to move it freely around various locations inside a house or an office, thus creating a warm and comfortable space for the user. While conceiving Kangeri Nomadic Radiator, Satyendra Pakhalé envisioned a product that not only can be utilized as a personal radiator but also stimulate symbolic meanings and sensorial qualities to build our embodied relationship with the objects surrounding us.

Kangeri Nomadic Radiator by Satyendra Pakhalé

Via: Design-milk/PP

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