DiamondBar 3D Printed Door Handle by EDELSCHMIED

This 3D Printed Door Handle Lights up When You Come Close to It

If it’s difficult for you to locate the door handle at night, DiamondBar by German studio EDELSCHMIED will strike you as a brilliant idea. Designed by Markus Trappe; it is a unique door handle that lights up when someone comes close to it, making it visible in dark. Another thing that makes it different is that it is made up of 3D metal printing, which is becoming a game-changing manufacturing technology.

This stainless steel door handle features a complex design and has built-in lights. It also integrates within power management and a proximity sensor so that it can turn up automatically in the evening and illuminate once someone is about to approach it.

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EDELSCHMIED specializes in 3D printing metal into subtle and useful products. This door handle nicely showcases the expertise and craftsmanship of the studio in the particular field. It is listed for a whopping €5799 (approx. $6,800) and is available through the official website.  

DiamondBar 3D Printed Door Handle by EDELSCHMIED


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