Digital Time Shelf by Dzmitry Samal is a wall clock that doubles as bookshelf

We’ve seen invisible shelves and we’ve also seen transforming shelves, but the Digital Time Shelf by Dzmitry SAMAL is perhaps the first time we’re seeing a wall clock that doubles as a storage shelf. Yes, as the image above depicts the Digital Time Shelf is one of a kind double function – wall clock + bookshelf or storage system all-in-one. According to the designer the Digital Time Shelf consists of a 4 digital matrix modules with LEDs on the surface. The Time Shelf features a broad metallic storage cabinet-style base outlined with a wooden skirting pasted on top with a LED surface that glows. The Digital Time Shelf is powered by a built-in battery and has scope for Bluetooth connectivity and option of being realized in wooden or metallic parts.

Via: SamalDesign

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