Dining Tabletop by Bich Nguyen

Dining tabletop replicates cloud of gas and dust in outer space

Florida-based contemporary artist Bich Nguyen‘s latest work with acrylic paint cleverly brings down nebulae – cloud of gasoline and dust in outer space to your dining area. The painter, mixed acrylic paints and resin to create a marvelous piece of art that replicates the beauty of outer space.

Presently on exhibit in a gallery in Winterpark, the dining tabletop made from a five-by-three foot wooden panel highlights the brilliant use of paint and resin. Firstly, the color is bombed with rich hues like purple, green, clean, deep blue, etc. and latter splattered with gold and silver colors. Then this tabletop with mesmerizing ripple effect gets ultra-sheen from resin coat.

According to Nguyen’s website: a pursuit that has soured into a profession inspired by love for music, color, emotions and memories; her art and combining is a mix of media with resin. It gives her the freedom to create masterpieces where different colors are peeking beneath other colors, making the employment of art vibrant and filled with high strength.

A beauty in itself, Bich Nguyen’s design is also open for customization. So if you also desire to bring outer space in your dining area, you can leave a message on her Facebook page.

Dining Tabletop by Bich Nguyen

Tabletop in the making

Dining Tabletop by Bich Nguyen

The wooden top is made by combining mix acrylic paints and resin

Via: MyModernMet

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