Dinosaur-inspired T-Rex Headboard by PoshTots

Dinosaur-inspired T-Rex headboard for your little paleontologist

If your child is an aspiring paleontologist or in love with dinosaurs, you can give wings to their dreams with this Dinosaur-inspired T-Rex headboard by PoshTots. The cool design of this headboard will let your child sleep under the jaw of an open T-Rex’s mouth. Although it doesn’t sound to be the safest place to lay your sleeping loved ones, but this one is absolutely harmless addition for the bedroom of anyone who adores these beastly creatures.

Artist and craftsman Jason Hulfish has beautifully brought this dinosaur figure to life. Each detail of the headboard is handmade in Hulfish’s personal studio with great precision. It is designed to be attached to a standard twin bed frame to transform any single bed into a fun dino-mural.

The pointy teeth of the photo-realistic dinosaur won’t do any harm to the kids as they are not real. So, you don’t need to worry about giving nightmares to your children. Using this stunning headboard, you can help your kids to bring back the era of dinosaurs in their personal space.

But this detailed headboard won’t come cheap, you have to spend hefty $1,560 on the whimsical bed accessory.

Dinosaur-inspired T-Rex Headboard by PoshTots

Photo-realistic headboard

Dinosaur-inspired T-Rex Headboard by PoshTots

Diagrammatic representation of the T-Rex headboard

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