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Disc Coffee Table by Gabriella Asztalos customizes to everyone’s need

First thing that I do walking into my apartment is to throw all the stationary and devices I have in hand onto the table in my living. And then forget about them until I need them back again. Always wondering if I had something replacing my table that I could manage to my needs and stock all my stuff in a much organized manner. Here comes the Disc Coffee Table by Gabriella Asztalos – a one of its kind coffee table that’ll let me do just what I wanted. The interactive coffee table with separate discs features a customizable design i.e. the users can rotate the discs of the table 360-degree to organize the space in them to meet their requirements. Available in white and grey lacquer finish the 37.4-inch wide, 15.7-inch high Disc Coffee Table that allows you to mix, match and play with discs costs $3,125.

Via: Asztalos

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