DIY 3D chess board by Andy Philip

DIY: 3D chess board by Andy Philip is a different take on the game

Whether you’re looking for something small and affordable for entertainment at home or a memorable gift for someone special, the thoughtfully crafted designer chess sets are a superb choice. Although chess sets are available in different designs, the DIY 3D chessboard made by woodworker and Youtuber Andy Philip is definitely a standout.

Made from oak wood and walnut, this two-tone wooden chessboard has outer blocks higher than the inner blocks, giving it a 3D effect. He used Charnwood w619 table saw to cut two pairs of wood squares in increasing order of sizes, and later glued them one by one according to the 3D grid.

The process began with the making of a custom fixture using a plywood piece and two thin wood strips. It works as a stable platform to glue the wood squares accurately and finalize the sides of the chessboard. When both sides are complete, he attached them together and filled up the central void space with the equal-size squares of the wood, ensuring the 3D pattern.

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This task appears to be the most crucial segment of the entire project, so if you ever try making such a 3D chessboard by yourself, try to pre-plan the project first. When you have intricately glued all the wood pieces, you just need to attach the base and apply any spray finish to complete the DIY 3D chessboard. You can also add an additional frame on the bottom to make it more appealing. Its multiple level design not only draws attention, but also offers totally different chess playing experience.

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