YouTuber Creates Elegant and Functional Air Vent Stove from Car Tire Rims

YouTuber Creates Elegant and Functional Air Vent Stove Using Wheel Rims

German craftsman and YouTuber André Göbel has masterfully crafted an elegant and functional air vent stove from wheel rims. He has shared the process of the build on his YouTube channel but without any commentary or subtitles, which hasn’t affected the video viewership. It has received more than 2 million views since it went online.

Inspired by the traditional Bullerjan wood burning stove that is believed to have been first created by Canadian lumberjacks to keep their log cabins on the mountains heated evenly in harsh winter. On the same lines, André has carved out a barrel-shaped wood burning stove and oven.

The free flow stove uses the profile of wheel rims as air channels to maximize efficiency. The cold air is pulled from channels below, spread all around the chamber, and then discharged out from the top tubes – made possible with no moving parts at all. This creative ventilation system is the key to efficiency and even heating.

The process to build one of these is difficult and will be possible for a skilled craftsman only, but when you have achieved it, it would be the center of attraction and a way to heat the room or house in dead of winter.

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The stove from car tire rims is crafted painstakingly using CRAFT-CUT 41 P Plasma Cutter and Picomic 355 puls welding machine. The final piece is finished with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and salt to add the rusty color to the exterior.

The stove lacks a flat deck on top that people often use for boiling water or even cooling, but that’s not what this is built to do. It is going to pump a lot of heat into your room and keep it warm. Check out the detailed process of making of the DIT air vent stove in the video below.

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