DIY: Burl Clock brings vintage feel to modern homes

A creative Youtuber, Wesley Inglis has made a wide variety of wooden handmade furniture and other home decoration products. One of his works, the floating waterfall coffee tables got much appreciation, although his latest Burl Clock is also a standout creation. He crafted red marlee Burl Clock with aluminum numbering so well that it serves as a functional antique piece at homes. It has two separate parts – specifically, outer division and the main clock dial which are joined together to act as a fantastic timepiece.

Starting from a scrap piece of wood, Wesley brought new life to it and crafted wood like a vintage wall clock. After cutting two different pieces, both are sanded and stained properly, but in the end they need to be attached together. Attaching numbering in the clock dial and making all edges curvy is a tough task, yet he did it successfully with some of his professional tools.

Anybody can make Burl Clock but for giving it smooth and attractive look you might need some professional tools. Finishing touches in the clock are the main issues that one can’t handle with standard tools. Moreover, you have to think like a designer as a small mistake can lead to bigger problems.

This amazing art clock by Wasley combines rustic colors of wood to bring out natural patterns that makes it a pretty cool device for homes. Show-off your favorite piece of art, and let the wooden wall clock make its presence felt in any room.

A rustic burl wall clock by Wesley Inglis

A rustic burl wall clock by Wesley Inglis

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