Originating out of Scandinavian folklore, gnomes now dot our major holidays, especially Christmas. Back in the late 18th and 19th centuries, gnomes were believed to be household spirits in authority for the prosperity of a family. Well, different cultures believe different things about gnomes; but I guess we all can agree on one thing: they are so damn adorable. So with Christmas on our heels, let’s create a fleet of tiny, loveable Christmas gnomes.

These DIY Christmas gnomes are easy and fun to make. And they only need a handful of supplies. So let’s get to work.

Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux

Supplies Required:

  • Colorful felt sheets
  • White knitting yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pom poms
  • Decorative beads and stars

Steps to Make Cute Gnomes for Christmas

  • Take two contrasting colored felt sheets. Make a cone out of the dark-colored sheet to shape the hat and glue the sides to secure it in position
  • From the other sheet, cut a long, wide strip, join the two ends and stuff the opening with cotton
  • Glue a few felt cutouts on the bottom so the cotton won’t spill out. You can also glue a circular piece of felt instead. Your base is ready
  • Place the hat on the base. Then start working on making the beard
  • Take white knitting yarn and wrap a length of yarn off of your cone (or skein) into a circle. It’s convenient to wrap around the back of a chair or to wrap holding one end in your hand and the other around your elbow. By wrapping the yarn into a circle, you are turning it into a hank. Now tie the hank in the middle with a thread and cut the ends. The beard is ready
  • Glue the hat on the base and glue the middle of the beard in the center of the prop where the hat and base meet
  • Spread the beard around hiding the line between the two parts and glue it to secure it in place. Get a cream-colored pom pom to use as a nose and glue it in the middle of the beard
  • Adorn the hat with stars or flowers and a pom pom at the top
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux
Image: Rishik Sharma/Homecrux

There you have it. A cute, adorable Christmas gnome. Now that you know how to make one, DIY as many as you want.

Check out the tutorial video below:

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Listening to her grandmother weaving nighttime tales to penning down her own thoughts, Priya developed a penchant for stories and their origin early in her childhood. After her master's in literature, she started writing copiously on diverse topics including architecture, interior design trends, and home improvement while learning the ropes of copyediting. For the past couple of years, she has been crafting DIYs for Homecrux. Reading novels, painting, and baking are her favorites on her long list of hobbies. She also loves to eat, travel, meet new people, learn about different cultures, and listen to stories.

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