DIY coffee table arcade machine for avid gamers

Who hasn’t loved to play games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders in their childhood? For some those used to be the greatest games ever developed. The beauty of these games was the arcade machine on which they were played. If you feel nostalgic about that kind of a gaming platform then we have here something that you would love to see and try while having morning coffee. We have in conversation a beautiful DIY coffee table that doubles as an arcade machine. It is a kind of hidden arcade machine and goes perfect with space saving idea. This design was actually framed and executed by Sam Wang who made this at his home with some simple processes.

So Sam wanted to develop an arcade machine that could be hidden or concealed inside some furniture. Also, he wanted to make it accessible all the time. So he started with an ordinary IKEA table. He marked a space for the LCD monitor and then cut down that part from the table. Afterwards, the controls were integrated onto the drawers. After the completion of adjusting everything in place, the table was covered with a glass tabletop. For supplying music, speakers and a subwoofer was given a place into this table as well. Ultimately, Sam successfully completed his gaming arcade machine DIY project which is too inexpensive for every one of us to try at home.

Without any doubt this coffee table arcade machine glorifies your living space. And, at the times when you want to entertain yourself with some old-school gaming then this is just what you need to get your hands on.

Via: WHT

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