Computer Coffee Table DIY

DIY Computer Coffee Table promises countless hours of lazy gaming

Coffee tables come in all kind of styles and aesthetics. They can be fit for a geek’s den or tailor-made for a sci-fi fan. For people who are fascinated by gadgets and powerful PCs, Imgur user [diabolical] has created the Computer Coffee Table. [diabolical] wanted a new desktop PC for gaming and his girlfriend wanted a new coffee table, so the best thing was to make one that doubled as both.

Basically a DIY project which started off with basic tools, the motivation for this coffee table is his girlfriend. He completed the DIY project and then installed it in his girlfriend’s hallway.

The catchiest bit about this geeky coffee table is the ability to make the monitor and speakers rise from the center, ready for gaming. When you’re done with gaming, the monitor and speakers retract back into the coffee table’s empty space.

He got an old IKEA Lack range coffee table and got started with the project. After quite a bit of tinkering with the final design, he came up with the retracting screen design. The PC is housed inside the coffee table’s hollow storage area.

The only thing I would like to suggest is to use wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce the wire clutter. Also it gives the freedom to play games from the cozy corners of the room.

To follow the detailed making process of this coffee table, jump straight over to the project page.

Computer Coffee Table DIY

Separate yoga table for keyboard and mouse

Computer Coffee Table DIY

The CPU housed inside the coffee table

Computer Coffee Table DIY

Just more than a coffee table

Computer Coffee Table DIY

DIY Computer Coffee Table

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