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Computer desk with 'infinite effect'

DIY computer desk with the classic ‘infinite effect’ optical illusion

Computer desk with 'infinite effect'

The classic ‘infinite effect’ optical illusion has always enticed us geeks with its mind bending scope of continuity. However, one geek among us has gone forward (rather than just gawking at the ‘Memento’ poster) and contrived his very own computer desk that perfectly employs this illusion of infinity. Redditor JacksRagingHormones has utilized mirrors, a glass, a Raspberry Pi single-board computer and a focused light source for his personal version of the optical illusion. The end result is a pretty normal looking computer desk, with one difference. And, that is the ‘abyss of uncertainty’ beneath the keyboard section, which is further illuminated (till infinity!) by Tron-esque red border lights.

Computer desk with 'infinite effect'

The best part about the whole scope however is not actually the contrivance itself. Our conscientious creator has also left his instructions on Imgur on how to construct the ‘Infinity Desk’. So, what are you waiting for? Just, get to work!

Via: TechnaBob

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