DIY contour table lamp by Glen Scott

DIY contour table lamp by Glen Scott

Talented DIY’er Glen Scott shares instructional videos of various woodworking projects on the YouTube channel, DIY Creators. We featured his DIY platform bed that has floating nightstands. Over again, he has shared a tutorial video to make a cool DIY contour table lamp. This DIY desk lamp is made of plywood covered with iron-on veneer and a simple LED puck light is used for illumination. He also added a toggle switch and lamp base to the wooden desk lamp more interesting and convenient.

This lamp is both functional and beautiful, capable of adding unique warmth and character to your table. Making DIY contour desk lamp is not easy, but it’s not too complicated either. If you want to create such table lamp by yourself, here are some brief instructions you can follow to make one.

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  • First of all, take a plywood square, and start cutting arch or circular shape on all corners of the board. Thereafter, sand it thoroughly and use it as a stencil to cut a few other plywood pieces in the similar shape.
  • Now take one of these plywood boards and mark the spots to cut it out in shape of a photo frame. Later, this frame-shaped piece can be used to trace out some other duplicate pieces.
  • Sand all these frame-shaped pieces thoroughly and glue them together.
  • Now it’s time to cover the plywood lamp structure with veneer. Start from its place where you want to install the LED light.
  • Apply heat to the veneer to glue it with the plywood and use a utility knife to cut extra edges. It would be better to use veneer with adhesive on its one side.
  • Further, you need to add electronic components. Drill a hole to pass the cable and then mark spots for screws. You can route a channel on the outside of the table lamp to hide the cable from the eyesight. Make space on the back of the lamp to put on an on/off switch and the adapter wire.
  • Now apply the same veneer to the bottom of the lamp using an iron.
  • Finally, make a wooden base, and finalize the DIY desk lamp in the desired finish.

The DIY project looks simple but you will need a variety of tools and a bit of expertise in woodworking. Whether you are using the base or not, it can stand on any stable flat surface without any additional support. This DIY table lamp requires no more effort than just screwing the bulb in, but cutting out shapes from the plywood boards is definitely a crucial task.

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