DIY Hanging Table adds flair to your living space

DIY Hanging Table

If you live in a small apartment and you’re looking for an intriguing furniture piece like a bedside table for your bedroom that not only holds your things in a place but also takes up minimum floor space, then you don’t necessarily need to stroll in the market to pick an accurate one.  Bring out your creative side and design a Hanging table, just like this DIY project designed by Caitlin of  The Merry Thought. Although, this hanging table cannot bear heavy weight on it, it can hold light stuff, while adding a natural appeal to your interior space. Interestingly, you can create this furniture unit yourself without any hassle.

The things needed to create the Hanging Table for your bedroom includes, cross section of wood for the surface (here black walnut is used), saw, orbital sander, spray polyurethane, drill, rope, hot glue gun, felt, eye screw and a toggle lock along with an S-hook. After collecting these things follow the instructions below:

  • Cut a flat side on the wooden piece to rest against the wall with a saw and then smoothen the cross cut with an orbital sander. While leaving the rest of it in its natural shape
  • Using the drill perforate three holes on the wood piece. One hole in the center and the other two on the either sides, equidistant from the central one
  • Coat the wooden piece with a few coats of polyurethane
  • To avoid scratches on wall, cut a piece of felt smaller than the edge of the wooden top that rests against the wall and stick it in place using hot glue
  • Thread the rope through one of the perforation on the side of the wooden piece. after leaving enough rope to reach up to the height you want the table to hang at and back down, thread the rope down through the second hole and up through the third. Do not tie until ready to hang it
  • Mark a spot on the ceiling where you want to tie the rope of the table so that its back rests against the wall
  • At this spot, drill a hole to fix the toggle lock appropriately. Screw the eye screw and then hook the S hook through it
  • Hang the rope of the table through the S hook and then tie it tightly. Make sure the table is suspended in a straight level. And there, your Hanging Table is ready for use.

Via: Handimania

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