DIY infinity mirror table

DIY infinity mirror table represents city’s bustling nightlife

Imgur user [Squishyeye] has created an intriguing coffee table that cleverly represents a city’s bustling nightlife. The base of this DIY infinity mirror table looks like a regular table, but the tabletop is designed beautifully to represent high-rise and tallest buildings in cities.

The wooden panels and mirrors are put together to create this whimsical coffee table. The frame of the table is made out of MDF board in the center and everything attaches onto this central wooden frame. Edge pieces of wood are glued to the MDF, and table legs are screwed in to the MDF from the bottom using L-angles and wood screws.

Tabletop consists of two mirrors with lights sandwiched in-between them. The top mirror is made out of a tempered glass sheet along with a privacy screen mirror film. The mirror film is used to make the glass act as one-way mirror. On the other hand, bottom mirror consists of acrylic sheets. This is because it needs to be drilled and screwed in to fix onto the MDF board.

Furthermore, LED strips are attached to the bottom mirror in shape of rectangular frames to appear like lit up buildings after assembly. To hide the messy LED wires, pieces of black paper are glued on top of the rectangular frame. The resulting table looks absolutely gorgeous when lit up, giving feel of a hustling-bustling city when viewed from top.

Find out more information about the entire DIY process on Imgur.

DIY infinity mirror table

The basic frame of the table is built around a MDF board

DIY infinity mirror table

Privacy screen mirror film

DIY infinity mirror table

Acrylic sheets are used to act as bottom mirror

DIY infinity mirror table

These rectangular frames are fixed onto the table

DIY infinity mirror table

Pieces of black paper are fixed on the rectangular frames to hide LED wires

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