LED Cloud Lamp by Alina Bradford

DIY LED Cloud lamp that looks astounding and adds flare to room

Here is a little fun project that is unique and can easily add flares to your room. The DIY project where balls of cotton and LED ball will turn into cloud lamp. Visioned by Alina Bradford , the cloud lamp is one of the super easy and fun to make project that takes only 60 minutes of your time.

Unlike other DIYs, which consists of wiring, framing and bunch of other skills, LED cloud lamp is easy to make and can be created by anyone. Accroding to Bradford, the key material to this project is LED globe light. There are many LED lights available in the market that comes with wide range of prices.

But, here Bradford has used Playbulb Sphere, as it can be connected via phone to change color and intensity of light. So, to give your room a pleasant makeover, here are the materials needed to start your DIY project.

LED Cloud Lamp by Alina Bradford

Materials Required:

Spherical LED ball

Plastic or glass cup (big enough to hold Spherical LED ball)

White and silver pebbles marbles

100 to 200 cotton balls

Spray adhesive

Spray glitter

Now follow the steps to make your own table lamp that looks like cloud

1. First, paint the cup white or silver so that it can easily reflect the light coming from the LED globe. As it will act as base, for stability fill the cup wilt marble pebbles or any other heavy object.

2. Now tease apart the cotton balls and make them flat, now spray the globe with adhesive spray and cover it with cotton. This is the fun part, as clouds are irregular, on can fix cotton the way they prefer. However, just make sure to add variation while fixing cotton on the globe.

LED Cloud Lamp by Alina Bradford

3. It is very important to cover the entire base of the lamp with cotton to make it a big ball of fluff. Once the base is covered with cotton, spray some more adhesive and add some more puff here and there.

LED Cloud Lamp by Alina Bradford

4. After getting the desire shape, let the lamp dry for approximately 5-10 minutes. Once dry turn the globe on and place it at a desired location.

5. To give the lamp a magical touch you can also add some glitters. Once the glitter is dry, light it up and enjoy the ethereal light showered by the LED cloud lamp.

LED Cloud Lamp by Alina Bradford


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