DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table with Train Track and Storage Space for Toys

Recently, Imgur user [Pwgmyk] has shared a fun project, demonstrating how a DIY Lego Table can be made having a toy train track and ample storage space. After moving to their new house, his 7-year-old son Jake needed a new recreational table for his room. So, the DIYer decided to make a Lego Table for his son to play, as well as, store toys and other accessories.

He measured the area and started working with the wood. The table is split into three sections, the middle area looks like an oversized bookcase and the two side ‘D’ shaped pieces are further attached to it. The curved sections are carefully designed for the train track with the ‘D’ pieces. He used a piece of software called MaxCut to calculate the optimal layout for the pieces required for the project.

According to the DIYer, the trickiest part of the project was making the ‘D’ shaped shelves. To get the perfect shape, he carefully jigsawed the wooden pieces. Furthermore, he drilled holes for screws and dowels to attach the bottoms to the sides. He tried to use a dado for the middle shelf and later ended up sanding down the inserts to meet the shelf.

Likewise, he created all levels of the oval Lego table. He also mentioned that you have to go a little slower on the down ramp to make sure the train doesn’t fall off. For more detailed instructions by the DIYer, visit Imgur.

DIY Lego Table

After measuring the area, he started working with wood

DIY Lego Table

Holes were drilled to attach the bottom pieces using screws

DIY Lego Table

D-shaped wood pieces

DIY Lego Table

Different storage sections

DIY Lego Table

D-shaped shelving units

DIY Lego Table

DIY Lego Table with storage space

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